"Stories in petite things is my ongoing project. It started two years ago because of an innocent happening. A six year old boy showed me that imagination comes up if you let yourself free. I followed the advice of this child and now I feel proud with what I do.
The characters, the Sun, the Moon, ladies, umbrellas, upside down kings and others are objects of the imagination that I rediscovered. They lack their beginning and their end and they don’t have a predetermined flow. They come and go in my little universe.
I graduated scene design (University of Theater and Film, Bucharest, Romania) but big props on stage became my biggest worlds, now described in little things that are transformed in wearable accessories.
Each piece carries a story, it is a small segment of what I am and what I think. Do not know where this wave will lead me but I feel that any other kid that I would have something to learn from, he wouldn’t think too much about it."